Community Centre
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Community Centre

We are open



At the moment some of our community centre programs are still running.

However there may be modifications and changes to opening times and group schedules visit for updates.

If you need further information please email or phone 08 8410 0745.

Community at the Centre

Every community needs hubs & hives of activity where people come together to connect and the real, positive & multigenerational effects of community are possible. We, along with others who share this value, are committed to building authentic community throughout our region and beyond.

We host many events, programs and services at the Coastlands Community Centre, which opened in September 2018 and is quickly becoming a thriving community hub. It is a safe environment, a welcoming space for a coffee catch up, to attend church, undertake a short course or join an event.

Community Centre Event Calendar

Find out what’s on! Click here to view all upcoming events, courses and programs!

“The importance of community has never been more elevated than now. When we share with others we are heard, when we receive from others we are supported and when we give to others we are contributors to building a stronger community.”


“Coastlands is a serving community…”

Our desire is to serve people in the key areas of need, which have been identified in the wider community, such as access to affordable food, education and skills training and community connection. In this regard, we are pleased to introduce Coastlands Community Care and our current services – Food Care, Life Skills and Community Assist.

“We provide a safe place where dignity, empathy and compassion are part of the service.”




Skills, education and training”


We are currently available give you confidence and strength and to help you succeed and navigate in the areas of life that matter to you. By registering your interest with Life Skills, you will be connected to a team of people who will support you in areas that, by negotiation and demand are looking to build programs in academic and music tuition, budgeting, cultural acclimatisation and more.




Register your interest in our welcoming and social English Conversation Class by email


Join our CAP Money Course that aims to refresh & improve your budgeting skills. Classes are routinely offered. Please check our news page for the latest updates.

Often, throughout life we could all benefit from gaining a different perspective, a little “know-how” or some new skills to achieve a goal




“Building meaningful relationships”


We were made to be in relationships with others. Community Connect is about making a meaningful connection with people who are committed to loving and encouraging each other.  We create a closer multi-generational community by regularly gathering with people in community groups based on region, interest, peer-age and all-ages. We offer free and affordable social engagements where the focus is on building quality and connected relationships. By joining a Community Connect Group you will find yourself welcomed into a family of friends.


Age groups

Coastlands Youth

Coastlands Young Adults

Coastlands Seniors

Adults ‘Let’s Connect’ Group


Regional groups

Southern Vales & Heights, Central & Coast, Hills & Plains


Please visit our news page for more information and dates. Enquiries to




“Affordable food provision and food education”


We support families and individuals with affordable food provision and food education. At times the Community Centre is transformed into a distribution hub for food and basic necessities. A team of caring people arrange a selection of free and low-cost healthy foods, so you can prepare meals at home and share with your loved ones. We value you and your connection, come in and have a coffee with us.


Our affordable food market, The Pantry is currently closed due to renovations. If you require urgent assistance please email or call us 8410 0745